Expressing your inner joy is the greatest contribution you could ever make, not only to the world, but to all of creation for all time. Now that's some legacy to leave behind...




Hi. I'm Heather, a writer, multi-passionate creator, and quiet observer of life.


I've been told that I'm a healer, an uplifter of the heart, a visionary who expresses through gentleness, compassion, and creativity, but I have never thought I was any of those things. Truly, I'm simply someone who is dedicated to crafting a life that's rooted in joy, creativity, empowerment, and simplicity - then being of service by sharing that wisdom with others. When we learn to love the self, create from that sacred space, then serve up our creativity to the world; before long we find ourselves in love with our life.


Love. Create. Serve. This is how it's done. This is the order. No exceptions.





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