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On the first day of October, 2021 the words that became Nature Speaks flooded out of me in a thundering rush. It felt very much like a potent proclamation from nature herself of a new law and order on the planet, one that comes from deep within each and every one of us when we choose to pledge allegiance to the very foundation that gives us life. I like to think of it as nature asking us to remember who’s really in charge. It became the foundation and impetus for re-creating this website anew and exemplifying the elements of creative self-expression, including aligning with nature’s ever guiding rules of freedom, unity, connection, love, growth, dissolution, harmony, balance and beauty. When I shared the words of Nature Speaks with Welsh Classical Composer, Lee Michael Walton, he suggested I record them using my voice.  We ended up collaborating, using my spoken words set to his beautiful musical composition and video compilation. The result is a poetic, visual message, a gift to all who find their way here. I can’t think of a better introduction to my work and this website, where everything is given freely, than Nature Speaks. (2 mins) Hush…and listen…

Nature Speaks











“I keep thinking about the ocean’s surface when a powerful storm is raging and destroying everything in its path, and seeing that perhaps, the safest, calmest place to be is at its depth..in the stillness.”

deep calm

Inspiration From Heather’s Blog

Our Original Freedom Is Love

Our Original Freedom Is Love

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“Nature always puts me in touch with the deeper flow of life, the real ground of being, and when I express from that place, I’m always given just the right words to help strengthen, empower, or inspire others, including myself, because we’re all ultimately joined in that same precious place.” ∼ hf


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