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All of my offerings and creativity, including this site, are a gift and a genuine expression of the love and fulfillment I deeply feel from and for nature itself, which weaves a continual ribbon of beauty, joy and freedom throughout the collective.  It’s entirely up to you if you feel moved to make a donation, and any amount is voluntary.

The Heart Remembers

View my latest creative outpouring of the love and wonder I feel for being human and part of all of existence in this new videoAs we move into March 2023, it will behoove us to remember who and what we are, what it is that we consider makes for a meaningful life, holding firmly to that creation, and how we wish to use our precious life energy based on our own sense of wonder, creativity and connection to the love and pure awareness that we are. Go within…be still and listen…the heart remembers…(3:55 mins)

Nature Speaks

On the first day of October, 2021 the words that became Nature Speaks flooded out of me in a thundering rush. It felt very much like a potent proclamation from nature herself of a new law and order on the planet, one that comes from deep within each and every one of us when we choose to pledge allegiance to the very foundation that gives us life. I like to think of it as nature asking us to remember who’s really in charge and I feel it exemplifies the elements of creative self-expression, including aligning with nature’s ever guiding rules of freedom, unity, connection, love, growth, dissolution, harmony, balance and beauty. When I shared the words of Nature Speaks with Welsh Classical Composer, Lee Michael Walton, he suggested I record them using my voice.  We ended up collaborating, using my spoken words set to his beautiful musical composition and video compilation. The result is a poetic, visual message, a gift to all who find their way here. Hush…and listen…(2 mins)

In the Name of Love

There is much truth, integrity, wisdom, intelligence and beauty at the core of nature, and when we listen deeply to it and to the voice of our own inner nature, then we know what to do, how to be, where to put our precious energy, and when to naturally and spontaneously take our next step.

Never before have our everyday actions decisions and choices been so imperative in determining the outcome for the kind of world we’d like to live in now. When we take action, In The Name of Love, this can often mean turning away from everything we’ve come to believe as our “normal” reality. Many of us are here, quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, standing our ground by following our inner nature, rooted in truth, integrity, freedom, natural self-expression, and love. (Audio message 9:05mins.  Music by Leigh Robinson)

Poets & Angels

In this audio message set to music (Music by Alex-Productions) (7:55 mins), I’m reciting words from a post I wrote twelve years ago that seem even more relevant today. We artists, creatives, mystics, and poets (which, in fact, are all beings when hooked into their own infiinte source) have been gearing up and gaining strength and momentum during “the in-between time” on all levels, to come out of hiding and fully anchor our energy here amongst the madness. It is this energy…this frequency of fierce love, naturalness, creativity, joy and freedom that will help to purge and stabilize wherever we go, as the ship of mediocrity, hypocrisy, falsity, negative use of technology and deception goes down. We have so much power to affect great change by our mere presence alone.  It’s time to “come out”…literally, and stake our claim upon this earth.  In the words of UK poet, S.C. Lourie:

“I wasn’t given my wings.  I had to grow my own.  I had to fight for them, protect them, breathe life into them time and time again.  They were no gift.  They are a sign of my sweat, blood, tears, faith, bravery, beauty, love. But I have made them my gift to the world.”

Poets & Angels Rising In Love

by Heather Fraser - Sacred Scribe











“I keep thinking about the ocean’s surface when a powerful storm is raging and destroying everything in its path, and seeing that perhaps, the safest, calmest place to be is at its depth..in the stillness.”

deep calm

Inspiration From Heather’s Blog

Our Original Freedom Is Love

Our Original Freedom Is Love

The earth under my feet smells of spring as I take a morning hike. Songs of joy are sung to me as I walk along. Robins, chickadees and cardinals...

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“Nature always puts me in touch with the deeper flow of life, the real ground of being, and when I express from that place, I’m always given just the right words to help strengthen, empower, or inspire others, including myself, because we’re all ultimately joined in that same precious place.” ∼ hf


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