Love’s Way

Nature gives us us with everything we need, from oxygen, to sunlight, to water, to earth for growing food, not to mention the boundless beauty in flowers, dew drops, butterflies, ladybugs, or the myriad other astonishing glimpses we get to experience daily due to its benevolence.  It asks for nothing in return for these life sustaining gifts. Yet, we in turn, automatically give back if we are present with the currency of our awe, gratitude, and reverence for the utter majesty of life itself.


Expressing our appreciation in whatever way or with whatever suitable means, always expands our overall sense of well-being. This is where nature’s way prompts us to act with integrity and to make choices that create a beneficial and loving exchange with others according to what we wish to give, are able to give, or feel inspired to give, creating an authentic movement of energy that flows outwardly from within.


Everything I offer is gift. It’s up to you if you feel moved to make a donation, and any amount is voluntary. You can also choose to send a gift of support at any time using the contribute button below, just to say thank you for the beauty, care and calm of this ever evolving website sanctuary, a mirror of what is always available within, for anyone.  


This in itself supports a new way of living and livelihood directly linked to following one’s true nature, showing that another way of living and creating outside of the current system is entirely possible as a collective work in progress, as we let go the old and learn to navigate these new, higher frequencies that are now available to us.


In other words, we can create, and we can give, by listening to our own internal signals without falling out of balance with our own personal set of circumstances. This is a kind of living and exchange that can be generated from the foundation of genuine care and connection with ourselves first and foremost, which then aligns us with others.



“Freely given doesn’t mean that no money is involved. Freely given actually means that there is a very certain type of financial transaction taking place. However, that transaction is not decided by the mind or the emotions, and it does not come first, and it is not part of a framework of traditionally what we call value.”
-Jacqueline, – excerpt from Welcome Future Podcast