How An Uprising In Consciousness Will Change Everything

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  While the initial fear, panic, hoarding, and stockpiling of food and paper products has eased up somewhat, as an empath, I am feeling both an eerie acquiescence of what’s taking place…people making the best of the situation but simply … Continued

Depression Can Be Homesickness For Yourself

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  “When we don’t create or express, we get homesick …homesick for ourselves. We’re missing the richness, the beauty inside of us.” -Pam Grout Depression …that grey, heavy, numb, sour, dark, muted, inertia. This is how we feel when we’re afraid to … Continued

Creating Calm – The Need of Our Times

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  2020 will be talked about in hindsight as the year of dissolution, the process in which something becomes weaker and weaker, then literally dissolves or dismantles.  Patriarchal power, war, oppression, lies, dictatorship, global warming, greed – it’s all coming … Continued

Man Love – The World Needs A Man’s Heart

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  Special Note:  I wrote this article over ten years ago and as of late, there has been some serious light shed to expose man’s misuse and abuse of power. As a woman, and also historically speaking down through the … Continued

Spirit Junkies – Grounding Heaven On Earth

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  “A spirit junkie is someone who chooses to perceive the world through loving lenses.” – Gabrielle Bernstein  It used to perplex me how I made it to mid-life and had not become addicted to anything. Where so many people … Continued

How Are You Responding To Existence? – Your Body Knows

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  I am sitting at my desk looking out over the expanse of green trees and the surrounding escarpment. It’s grey and cool outside and there are raindrops still clinging to the window from a morning shower.   Blue jays … Continued

How To Bend Your Reality – It’s Easier Than You Think

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  I live on the edge of 1200 hectares of urban wilderness and one of my favorite things to do while I’m walking or hiking the trails in the morning is to play in, and create with, the ‘light’ body. … Continued

Are You An Angel Born In Hell? How To Transcend The Paradox

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  At this time in our evolution, there are many who are suffering the ravages of war, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. There are also those we don’t hear about. The ones who are suffering their own private hell, usually alone. … Continued

The Art of Chillin’ – Balm For The Soul

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  In the summer months, I freelance as a Bed and Breakfast host and Innkeeper. I love this work and it is hard work, yet it suits my inner being while also giving me most afternoons and evenings to pursue writing … Continued

Honoring The Soul – How To Live An Authentic Life

  I have just spent an entire year listening. Listening on the inside that is.  It’s been a strange and wonderful year of allowing my life to be as it is, which I have discovered, is a life deeply ensconced … Continued

How To Feel Rich And Real – The New R & R of Our Times

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It’s a rather volatile time on the planet right now. Is there anyone who is not feeling this energy? It’s manifesting as feelings of extreme hyperactivity in the mind which may be producing quite the roller coaster of emotions. With the sudden … Continued

How To Live The Life You Love – Begin Now

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One of my favorite thoughts that I have permanently downloaded into the computer that’s called my mind is, “we create our own joy.”  Doesn’t thinking this thought make you feel good?  It does me, and I am forever reminding myself of … Continued

Writers and Coffee – A Match Made In Heaven

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Writers have an almost crazed reputation for being notorious coffee drinkers, and I would venture to guess there isn’t another group of people who have a closer association with drinking copious amounts of the brew than writers. There are a lot of writers … Continued

Writing Close To The Bone – Part Two

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I am sitting in a cozy chair in the living room while I begin writing close to the bone. I can hear the tic…tic of the clock on the wall. The sound of the fridge humming in the background is almost soothing. … Continued

Writing Close To The Bone – The Art & Practice of Coming Undone

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I am sitting at my desk as I write this. From my window everything looks a bit bleak, bare, and grey. Even the sky looks chilly, pulling the clouds in close like a warm blanket. A few geese have just … Continued

The Silence of Morning

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There is a silence, a beautiful kind of stillness, that comes from the freshness of early morning, before the sun rises, before the energy of human activity fills the air. I like to call this stillness, the silent peace of … Continued

Song of The Beloved

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I awake to the sound of birdsong reverberating across the valley. Wispy clouds dance in feathery swirls against the clear, blue sky. I can smell the lush, rich earth drenched in morning dew. The cat purrs at my feet. The … Continued

What The Soul Sees

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I have said this many times before, I know, but I am blessed to live in a place where the daily view from ‘my balcony in the sky’ is expansive, vast, and stunningly beautiful. It also faces west, so I am … Continued

Effortless Abundance

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Last month I wrote about my new garden and the sacred serenity it brings to me. Just one short month later, the earth has lavished us with her effortless abundance. We have enjoyed so many gorgeous lettuces, green and yellow … Continued

When Angels Fingerpaint

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I recently re-published a book of poetry that was originally released back in 1997 called When Angels Fingerpaint. It was such a joy to re-visit these words, having to re-type each one, as the original computer and files were long … Continued

Sacred Serenity

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I recently acquired a garden plot as part of a community garden in the town where I live. This community garden is part of a wonderful project that helps to provide organic, locally grown produce to the town’s food bank. … Continued

These Are The Days

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It’s incredible to be alive at this point in the planet’s evolution. So much, in just our lifetime, has drastically changed on every level. I’m 51 years old, and the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s no longer exist as memories … Continued

Joy Comes Softly

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These days, I’m finding less and less to write about. Everything seems to boil down to the same thing. We are here. We exist. Anything other than that is simply suffering from the attachments, conditioning, concepts, and beliefs our minds … Continued

Life Is But A Dream

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“In every moment we are absolutely perfect because our true nature is indestructible. Our true nature cannot be conditioned by anything.” – Anam Thubten Sometimes it can be really challenging for the mind to grasp that this life we are … Continued

When The Sky Speaks

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I took this sunset photo a few hours ago from my balcony. Beauty’s presence leaves me awestruck every single time. I never tire of the wonder of the natural world. In fact, in moments like this one, all I feel … Continued

Our Common Ache

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As I hike along a beloved trail, I am serenaded by the sound of crickets celebrating it seems, in the warmth of the autumn sunshine. Somewhere, a woodpecker is knocking on a tree, while underneath my feet a golden carpet … Continued

The Hidden Gift

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Award winning Canadian Ojibway author, Richard Wagamese, tells a wonderful tale in his book, For Joshua, about the the arrival of man upon Mother Earth. He talks about the Creator gathering together all the Animal People and speaking these words: … Continued

What Remains

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Early morning unfolds. The sun rises, a crow caws, a breeze moves, a seagull soars, a deer grazes, the heart beats, the lungs breathe, the body stretches, coffee steams, tongue tastes, cat purrs. Love Is. The greatest blessing of being … Continued

Written Upon Your Heart

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Written upon the heart of every human being is the exquisite grace and power to Love. Deaf, blind, mute, sick, healthy, rich, poor, black, white, young, old, male, female, friend, enemy…none of this changes our fundamental commonness. We have all … Continued

Learn to Live Loved

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  Learn to live loved.   How many of us actually feel this way?   I mean really, really consistently loved.   I’m not talking about feeling loved by your spouse, kids, friends, or parents. I’m talking about feeling deeply … Continued

A Song of Love

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  I’ve been waking up in the dark stillness of early morning these past few weeks to the most beautiful sound of a lone robin singing her song.   It echoes in surround sound throughout the valley where I live, … Continued

Unalterable Peace

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  So many people are wondering whether it’s possible to find peace these days, when every newspaper, TV news channel, internet media etc, is crammed full of the latest horror stories.   Even if you are one who avoids all … Continued

Dust In The Wind

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  To be in natural harmony with all that is, is to let go of the “personal” mind we tend to cling to so tightly…our personal identity.   In our original state, we are this natural harmony. It is a … Continued

Sweet Grace

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  We think we are here to taste the experience of life…the contrast…the duality.   And on some level, this is true, but only up to a certain point.   Our real purpose for being here is to discover the … Continued

Pure Essence

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  As presumptuous as it feels to me to even attempt to use words to express the inexpressible, something is quietly urging me to give it a go.   That “something’ is pure Essence.   The pure Essence of our … Continued

Benevolent Beauty

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  As I write this, the day-long cloud cover is breaking up, and the sun is peeking through in radiant bursts of joyful light.   The expanse of trees I can see before me from my window are seemingly coming … Continued

Limitless Living

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  As I write this, I am drinking in the divine, sweet fragrance of the Easter Lily sitting in front of me on the coffee table.   Beside it is a crystal brandy snifter filled with colorful foil wrapped, dark … Continued

Love’s Way

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  It’s a cool, breezy afternoon as I write this, and I am sipping on a soothing peppermint tea.   I just came out of the bathroom, where I noticed in the mirror that my eyes were blazing with a … Continued

Soulful Tenderness

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Last night as I was laying in bed, just before I fell asleep, I remember having the thought that I should write about September 11, 2001.   I found that strange. It’s not something that’s usually on my radar.   … Continued

Beloved Affair

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  I just ate a gorgeous avocado. I love the way it feels in my hand…how the pear shaped base fits so perfectly in my palm.   Having a love affair with an avocado may seem a bit strange, but … Continued

Intention of Vibration

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  My daughter went back to school yesterday after a two-week Christmas break. I could tell she had some stress around going back. Afterall, life in Grade 8 can be a little daunting, especially if you’re sensitive and empathic.   … Continued

Sacred Beautiful Being

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  It’s a snowy afternoon here in South-western Ontario, Canada. The first real snow we’ve had all year showed up the other day. Only a couple of inches, but enough to stay on the ground to create that soft, peaceful … Continued

Beneath the Surface

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  I was reflecting this morning on a conversation I had with my 13 year old daughter, who was telling me about an art project she was working on at school. It was a self-portrait, and she was describing how … Continued

Breaking Free

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I had a dream last night that I was walking up a hill, bare-breasted, along the side of a heavily trafficked road.   I felt defiant and free, and did not have a care in the world for the drivers … Continued

Creed of Mastery

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  It’s one thing to talk about Love, think about it, or even write about it for that matter.   It’s quite another to be it and live it.   Love isn’t something that you do.   It’s not an … Continued


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  …and the still, small voice said,   “Life as it IS, not as you perceive it, will humble you to your knees. Some already see it as it is, some are just beginning to, and some are catching brief … Continued

Poets & Angels

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  I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “and the meek shall inherit the earth.”   I like to imagine “the meek” as the energy of poets and angels.   Yes, you know who you are.     You are … Continued

Knowing Where Love Is

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  It’s a wet, autumn morning.   Grey sky, loud drips of rain on the windowsill and a heavy mist that is muting the colors of the moment. Dualistic Conditioning How often do we feel like the weather? When it’s … Continued