By Svilen Todorov on Dec 28, 2013 – Quebec, Canada

A wonderful step in finding love of the ultimate inner self.

What a piece of art, love, and self-appreciation…..Heather this e-book of self-appreciation is what I needed right now. Thank you very much for every single word in it. This is pure love! Thank you.

By M. Weston on Dec 16, 2013 – New Zealand

Much more than about your weight.

Although on the surface this may appear a book on accepting your own weight and physical appearance, it is a lot more than that! It actually deals with learning to find peace through accepting yourself, and as a result become more of who you are. It’s a beautifully written book that has a message for everyone. If you want to be happy – read this book!

By Daniela Hristova on Dec 17, 2013 – Toronto, Canada

Short and powerful.

If you start reading it you can’t stop. Before you realize it’s over. At the end, I felt all the warm energy the author was sending from the heart. I have had many of the experiences she is describing and felt encouraged and eager to dive into my own heart space over and over again. Heather just reminded me for myself. I love her and her book.

By Sue on Dec 17, 2013 – United Kingdom

A short book, full of wisdom.

If we all listened to Heather Fraser, we would live in a world free from eating disorders. The author is enlightened and so the solution to the body image madness seems simple to her – and it is! If only we would take the time to quiet our minds and hear her! If you read this book and skim the contents, devouring them with the same speed and focus you give to reading the celebrity gossip column of Daily Mail, you won’t get the point. If you take your time to do the steps, slowly and with deep thought, you will find the key to real beauty.

By Gary Fincham on Jan. 7, 2014 – Dundas, ON Canada

Simple Wisdom. 

This is a gem of a book. It is concise and well written and contains a depth of knowledge. Do not be fooled by the book’s length – it is nothing less than a simple guidebook to understanding and leading a life of contentment and fullness. The author truly understands and distills the elements of a well-lived life.

By Thalia Santos on June 5, 2014

Self-acceptance is great.

With all the drama in my life, it’s easy to put myself down. It is hard…. looking deep into my soul, but mediation seems to be the key. Only time will tell.

By Normi Shamblinon on January 9, 2014

I enjoyed reading this.

It’s an easy read, a perfect way to end the day before turning out the lights. Everything is true and valuable. Thanks, Heather.

By Andrej Kozelj on June 5, 2015 – Sydney, Australia

Such an excellent piece of information and so true to the point.

I would recommend this to anyone be they spiritual or not. There is so much wisdom in what the author has stated and to share her personal journey in life shows the true spirit she is. Well done. I have purchased all four of her books. There is so much to learn and grow from Heather’s journey.

By Steve on Aug. 2, 2014 – Boston, USA

Highly recommended reading.

Touching, deeply personal wisdom for living your life in a state of Grace!…..Highly recommended reading……and just simply to feel good!

By Dr. Wayne Dyer on November 7, 1995 – Florida, USA

Beautifully done. 

I’ve read them all. You have such a sensitive touch with your poetry. Many thanks. Love and all green lights.

By Bob Nielsen on December 31, 1997 - Author & former instructor of Certificate in Writing Program at McMaster University

I enjoyed your poetry very much indeed, especially the myriad of striking images you are able to conjure from nature.

By Chuck Rice on October 21, 1997

I strongly suggest that you take this book straight to your nearest park and set it down beneath one well-shaded tree, or more preferably in a hammock between two, then relax and enjoy!