creating calm online guide2020 will be talked about in hindsight as the year of dissolution, the process in which something becomes weaker and weaker, then literally dissolves or dismantles.  Patriarchal power, war, oppression, lies, dictatorship, global warming, greed – it’s all coming apart. But in that coming apart, much will feel unstable, ungrounded and chaotic in the material world. Many will fall into the chaos because it’s what’s familiar and their fear will keep them rooted and mired there, making the transition of emergence to a new way of being and living far more difficult. (Think caterpillar to butterfly. We’re literally liquefying, dissolving, so we can evolve into a lighter, higher, more refined and exquisite human.) Resistance to the process will only slow things down and create much suffering.


If you’d like a compass or a road map to steer you home, then read Creating Calm (PDF).  Consider it your spiritual guidebook through the storm. It is both practical yet simple, succinct and profound and  will inspire you and show you how to delve into and joyfully embody, the Four Understandings of Creating Calm in your life:


  • Consciousness
  • Alignment
  • Love
  • Mastery


“This universe is a benevolent one. We tend to forget that. It is on our side. And when we make the conscious choice to move into harmony with it (or at least be open to the possibility), all the forces of existence move in to help us. Circling around and around in our own private, isolated, and encapsulated versions of hell only serve to keep us trapped there. This is the poison of our darkness. Our self-created fears that drive us insane because we fail to believe there may be another door, a wide open one at that, that if we saw it, and chose to walk towards it, we’d soon find out is the doorway through to the eternal energy of the Divine, a vibration that frees all prisoners of their limited consciousness by showing us that love is the only way out.”                   – Heather Fraser


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