Divine Uttering is what I call the writing that often comes through me in a very distinct voice that is noticeably different than my usual writing voice.  I hesitate to label it as channeling as I feel these words and the wisdom and vibration they contain, are coming from Awareness itself which is entirely Universal and available to all.  I am humbled and honored to be an instrument through which these words of Grace flow at times.

“You are all so warmly united in the one common thread that holds Existence together.  You are united in Love.  Not a single heart beats without Love causing it to do so, and you are here, in this physical world to eventually realize this and to experience yourself and each other from “beneath the surface.”  Everything you need to have this experience is provided to you by your precious everyday and most seemingly ordinary day to day life.  Do not think that there is anything better or more valuable out there for you to experience.  What is here and now right before you – all people and circumstances – are here for you.  It does not serve you in any way whatsoever to resist what Existence has laid out for you, for it has been laid out for you in an attempt to soften, open, and have you yield to, and fully embrace, the Love that you are.  The beauty, intimacy, and aliveness you so long to experience awaits you in those very moments that would have you run and hide, instead of standing still with arms wide open, ready for anything.”  
“There is available to you an energy so vast, so profoundly beautiful, so entirely unaffected by the dramas your ego mind clings to for such dear life.  It is invisible and unavailable to you to the degree that you do not acknowledge its existence as You...the highest aspect of You…You as the Divine. The more you choose to let go to this truth, the more of this Divine You-ness will flow into your life. There is nothing it cannot hold in its beauty and love.  Nothing is too big, or too painful, or too ugly for it to embrace, but you must surrender to it, give yourself over to it, dissolve into it, so that it may blend and become one with you.  The healing balm you so long for to bring ease to your woes is already with you…as You.  
“You are becoming empty. You are reaching ground zero, the place of nothing and everything. Such is your evolution into a Universal Being. When the mind can no longer grasp onto anything, it has to surrender…it’s been let out of jail…it has come undone from the matrix of the masses. It has entered the unknowable. Vast, empty, silent. Pure awareness, pure creativity, pure potential. In order to claim your freedom, you must die while still living. Make no mistake…this does not feel so good. Words like insanity, isolation, unglued, come to mind. But never mind that…for they are only words, and the feelings are temporary. Tapping into the essence of love, softness, and beauty balances the transformation.  So does sharing your experiences, even if only with a journal or the trees if need be.  Never before has the possibility…rather certainty… for a human collective of peace, harmony, and compassion been more prevalent.”
“Speak now of invitation rather than protection.  Invite the world gone mad into your world of angels and antelopes, of dolphins and wildflowers, of timelessness and freedom.  Express rather than implode.  Shine rather than hide. Be the poet.  Be the lover.  Be the liquid light of Love.  You are ready now, and the world is waiting for a miracle.” 
“Life as it IS, not as you perceive it, will humble you to your knees. Some already see it as it is, some are just beginning to, and some are catching brief glimpses of it. This is not some special gift for only a chosen few.  It is for anyone willing to let go of the illusion of fear, remain open, and walk through the door of the unknown – because Life as it IS has not one single guarantee, except perhaps, that you’ll always be surprised by it.  Life as it IS knows nothing of fixed plans, solid futures, absolute security, and known outcomes.  Life as it IS, is NOW, and what it always whispers to you, if you listen deeply is….life is is life.” 
“In the quiet, stillness of the vastness that is both the collective and singular you, there is an infinite wholeness…there is a WE.  It is here your destiny awaits.  It is Life…unplugged from the matrix of the mind.  It is as close as your breath, and it is yours for the taking.  No more longing. No more waiting. Time to fall… in Love…here and now, with the You that is life itself.”  
“You will not have noticed any dramatic change on the outside.  Not yet.  But on the inside….ooooh…on the inside….dark and solid walls have disintegrated.  The once immovable ego pride has collapsed and dissolved into Beauty…a beauty so stunning, so brilliant, so astonishingly radiant that it is an impossibility to hold it back.  This has nothing to do with anything external, but everything to do with claiming that inner Divinity from which you first emerged, and unleashing it, full force, by letting your Light shine…by letting go of all resistance…by letting Life flow…by letting Love in…by letting Beauty dance with you…by letting this moment be all there is…by letting Wonder fill you up…by letting Mystery be your guide…by letting the Magical back in…by letting Joy run your life…by letting “Thank You” be your prayer…by remembering who you are.” 
“Keep quiet.  Be still. Witness. Do what needs to be done with deep, inner silence. Be happy, humble, and unattached to all that comes unsought.  Give up nothing, yet seek nothing either.  Suffering is a product of the conditioned mind. Freedom from this illusion is one’s most auspicious purpose for being here.”
“The reason for your life is to realize the Self in the midst of living your everyday life.  This ability is only available to the human species, and that alone, in and of itself, is cause for deep reflection and immense gratitude.  A tree cannot know that it is a tree.  Neither can a cat know that it is a cat, or the sun know that it is the sun.  But the human was given the ability to realize it Self…its ground of Being…it’s original Presence.  To be here and to be human is an extraordinary opportunity for freedom, an opportunity that most people give no attention to, and yet it is the very reason you came.  Many are lost in the throes of duality, and yet, duality is a massive illusion, for the Self cannot be two, just as Love has no opposite. Only the mind believes, and therefore, creates this separation. One, singular, infinite, eternal, unified awareness is ‘before’ everything in existence, and always along the way, you have had the choice (ability) to realize this.  You are the ‘before’, and this memory lives inside your heart.  When the part of you that you believe is separate from this (the mind) comes to rest in the heart, you will feel a silent, sacred, peace. This is your true home and it is nowhere else but here, right now.  No distance to cover, no miles to walk, no years to wait. That which is the silent peace of God has always been you, as you, living your seemingly everyday, ordinary existence. This is the reason for your life…to become still and quiet in your heart and know that you are Awareness itself. This is called Grace. This is your freedom, and every single human heart holds this memory.”  

“Nature is a pure reflection of unconditional love.  It has never tried to take from you.  It only gives. And what it gives is Love.  Pure love…without conditions.  This love makes you feel utterly safe.  Every leaf, flower, tree, insect, animal, star, cloud, sunbeam, raindrop, and blade of grass is Existence saying, ‘I love you. I am you!’  Even what you term natural disasters, is giving on a level that you may not completely accept or understand in the moment, and yet there is a deeper, unarguable wisdom in the action itself. Take a look around you and see how loved you always are every second of every moment of your life.  This love is eternal and always with you. Know that all of Existence is humbly bowing down at your feet loving you.  When you feel that you are loved without conditions by Life Itself, then loving becomes your only reason for Being.  Life in your world becomes easier.  You begin to feel a deep, deep, sense of peace, trust, and safety.  You let others off the hook.  It no longer matters who loves you, if they do, or how they do. You learn that Love Is…and you are It.”


“Know that whatever you ask for from a humble heart will come to pass in the current energies. Should you feel ready to open the door to your heart’s longing just a tiny bit, be prepared to be bowled over and knocked down by the flood of expansive light and energy that’s been waiting there, perhaps for lifetimes. Trust that you will be able to handle the downpour of expansive ideas, thoughts, and actions that will be filling your mind and heart. Follow them without delay. Temper this flood with the calming balance of nature.  You will need it. The time has come. It was always here. You simply weren’t ready. You are now. We are here, as you…as One. Take your joy and run with it. You can feel destiny in the air. Squeeze every last drop of bliss out of your Self, yet know that the supply is never-ending. For how can eternity run out of anything? You are forever. Such is the joy of a heart unleashed from illusion, undone by limitlessness, and unraveled by the Beloved. Freedom is. And your heart knows it.”


“You are not your past, present, or future.
You are not any image held in your mind.
You are not your body or anything that happens to it.
You are not any feeling or emotion.
You are not any world event, circumstance, or happening.
And yet, you have been taught to identify with it all.
You are an endless wave of utter peace.
You are the emptiness in which all happenings happen.
You are the silent sweep of existence void of projection.
You are the beautiful boundlessness of freedom itself.
You are the ever-present grace of God in all things.
You are pure awareness, perceiving everything and nothing.
You, the person, and all that makes up your physical life could not happen without YOU, the silent witness, and yet your identification with the illusion makes your life feel shallow and pointless at times.  Your heartbeat is a continual whisper of all that you long for.  Hush and listen.  Not with your ears, but with your heart.  Claim what you are while you are still in your body and move through existence from your rightful place. From here, joy is your mirror and love is your reflection. You will see your Self everywhere and nowhere forevermore.”


There are whispers carried on the wind.  Can you hear them? Are you listening?  That which you cannot see is ancient. There are eternal truths to tell to those who are empty enough to listen. All listening happens with the heart now.  What does your heart hear as it watches the gentle dance of the poplar leaves or the sweeping sway of the willow?  Your senses still function as part of being a human experiencing life on earth, however, they are secondary pleasures to the joy of experiencing the silent, invisible ‘here-ness’ of God.  Have you begun to notice the changes, some subtle, some not so, in what you are giving your attention to these days?  If staring at the movement of wispy clouds across a summer sky is something that has you joyfully and peacefully transfixed for hours, take heed.  If taking a leisurely, guilt-free afternoon nap, where you can feel your bones sinking into the softness of the sheets with complete surrender, take heed.  If watching a sunset becomes more a priority than doing your dinner dishes, or if lingering over your morning coffee in the silence keeps you rooted to the spot, rather than rushing out the door in fear of being late for your daily work, take heed. If witnessing the dance of starlight has you more captivated than wanting to slumber, or the majesty of a mystical moon pulls you into its mysterious vastness, take heed. If being in moments of utter, congenial silence as a form of loving communion with those you adore, rather than unconsciously speaking empty words out of habit or fear, take heed.  If what you see reflected back to you as you gaze into your mirrors is the light of what comes before even ‘I am’ and therefore, reveals that no validation is ever required for your existence as love, then take heed.  This is how listening to the heart is transforming life as you’ve known it to be.  Follow its sweetness.  Let it reveal to you all its beauty, grace, and wisdom.  Let it be your master. Let it soften you.  Let it bend you.  Let it even break you.  Let it humble you. Get down on your knees and pray to the one who has been speaking to you since forever.  Such are the whispers of the wind.  Will you let yourself be carried?”


“You carry deep within your heart, an ancient memory of truth, grace, wisdom, harmony, beauty, and freedom.  You know when you close your eyes and listen to the thump..thump..thump..of your beating heart, that what you are really hearing is the primordial sound of love’s infinite embrace.  If you are reading this, then know you are a kindred spirit, a soul who recognizes the meaning of these words, not so much intellectually, but vibrationally. You are walking upon your sacred path.  You are reaching across time and space to commune and hold ceremony with your original wisdom.  You are finding each other, recognizing the brilliant kaleidoscope patterns of light that make up your individual, yet collective soul.  You can feel the love..the beauty..the wisdom..the harmony..the grace..and the freedom dancing within each other, and you are reuniting with a gathering, vibrational, expanding, vortex of silent power that is unstoppable.  You are real people with your feet on the ground and your hearts finely tuned to the sound and feel of love.  You can admit your myriad human imperfections and failings; your long-held shame, fear, anger, vanity, impoverishment, addictions, loss, and heartbreak, and yet, you know the holy preciousness and wisdom of that which has taken you down, only to rise up, with the sound of an invisible, rolling thunder, reverberating through both your inner and outer cosmos, shaking loose the illusions that no longer serve you.  You can stand before one another, whether physically or through the ethers and admit unashamedly, that this is the path you’ve walked, this has been your sacred teaching. You are like water…soft, powerful, purifying, essential, wearing down the hardest rocks on your way to reaching the lowest places, only to transcend and transform, and return again as the sparkling dew drops giving nourishment to a summer rose. Such is the path of those with great longing to be real and to be free in your world.  Allow your creativity to flow, allow the truth of your heart to speak through you, know that it is your true essence to create, and allow your essence to fully express itself in your life.  Above all, know that the expression of your heart is vital and necessary for the gathering forces of these ancient memories, and that you are heard always. These memories will continue to build in momentum, rising in love, and uniting the natural, long-forgotten origin of your inner peace and harmonious existence.”


“Your life here is about coming to the total realization that you ARE Love, and your deepest self knows exactly what circumstances you need to have in your life in order to evolve. Whether it be poverty, wealth, illness, health, divorce, marriage, it’s all for your spiritual unfolding. You are here to overcome your fears, and if your life circumstances bring up your fears, then it’s time to face them head on, to say thank you, and to profoundly love them as you would your own child, so that the illusion of separation can stop. Nothing can END you, not ever. Nothing can end who you are. Nothing can end Love. You are here to realize this, and to live in the utter joy and relief of that realization. You are here to Live for Love. Period. And yet you cannot do this until you traverse the rocky terrain of your fears, to stand fully in them, quivering and shaking in your boots, only to see that you are still here, still breathing, and that it was always, always a choice, based on confusion or ignorance, to pledge allegiance to the fear. With the newfound clarity that comes from this realization, the walls fall down and Love pours in. Now the choice you make is conscious. Love or fear. At this stage, one can never again call themselves a victim, only a chooser. When you know who you are, duality becomes undefined and you can choose to melt into the Oneness of All Life. It is only by this creed of mastery that one’s life can then begin to feel meaningful, beautiful, and rich beyond measure.”


“Feelings without labels attached to them are simply movements of life itself, and you are life. Without language, would there be a difference between the experience of emptiness and fullness? Duality is merely a human experience, a condition, without which you would not be able to know your true self. And this is your reason for being here. To learn this. Without labels or concepts, one experiences Existence as a state of silent grace and peace. One must learn, through commitment, devotion, and the longing to be free, to reach within for what cannot be felt with the senses. This does not mean that one abandons the senses. It means that the body is the gateway, the bridge between worlds, and the heart is the swinging door which opens one way to the material world, and the other way to the Absolute. The Absolute will forever exist without the physical, yet the physical cannot exist without the Absolute. Your body, your earth, your earthly life and all it entails, the entire universe, could not happen without the Absolute. Could there be any greater reason for giving thanks to that which makes ‘you’ possible? One must learn to be clear about one’s true origin expressing as a human being. The most holy and precious gift of being human is your ability to become whole. This is the Christ essence, the light within all who choose its peace and its power.”


“You have spoken, and now also written, your personal pledge of allegiance. It has been heard. You are, in this now moment, living your life as a prayer, and in so doing are adding to the alleviation of worldly suffering. Love’s state of grace is flooding your Being, and like a tidal wave, it crashes up against the shores of your inner skin. Here, it remains contained within the boundaries of your physical body. You give nothing away, except everything that resonates from this divine nourishment. Fed from within, you become the Beloved. May your walk in Beauty last as long as eternity.”


“This ache is none other than the grace of awareness. It is the awareness of the fear that your heart is ready to permanently move you beyond your ego mind. You have reached the doorway of “the point of no return.” It is here where all illusion intensifies, right before it dissolves into pure Awareness. The ego has no home in Awareness…no life…no existence, and that is beyond intolerable and impossible for it to comprehend. You are feeling like you are losing your mind, that you must hold on, that you are dying. In truth, it is a death, a final letting go of that which you identified as you. You are being asked to trust…and to transcend…not out of your body or this world, but into both of them…fully…completely…and entirely embodied as Love..”


“It is a paradox is it not, that as you learn to expand in your consciousness, the world in which you were taught about unconsciousness remains the arena of your greatest teaching. Both you and your daughter are at differing levels of expanding consciousness, and yet by her choosing…of you as her mother, her deeper self knows the wisdom of the life experiences she is currently having, and while she may be feeling the frustration and impatience of her dance with duality, it is your loving presence in her physical reality that offers her the guidance and safety to mature, grow, and expand into all that she came here to be. In truth, her dance with duality will not require a lengthy time frame as she sees with much clarity the 3D illusion and has not bought into it. Trust that soon both her overall experience and yours will take on a more balanced, joyful, unified vibration of harmony. Remember to stay present,..accept what is…laugh…and breathe. There is a higher wisdom unfolding here.” (2012)


“You are correct in pulling within and finding your center once again. This is the dance of the eternal Tao. You do not bring harm or speak harsh words, but simply retreat. Allow the dance of wisdom, the energies of dignity and trust to bring balance to the situation. There is no harm done in loving from a distance. This is the higher road, a road void of ego and holier than thou righteous indignation. You are being led. Trust your wisdom. Remain open to the Love that you are. Everyone is seen as a sacred, beautiful being by us. Simply allow your dignified behavior to dictate how you wish to be in relationship with others. Some will stay. Some will go. So be it. Your inner wisdom will never let you down.”


“The freedom you long for is already yours, and your dream is symbolic of this, for it is showing you that when your mind is peaceful, gentle and humbled, and when you walk that peaceful road within – regardless of whatever else is going on around you – then you are home. To remain in such a vibration takes some practice, and the children in your dream are representative of the playful, focused, discipline it takes to harmonize to such a unified vibration. They are students – as are you – and they are lovingly and patiently being taught. Notice that these children did not need to feel defiant to be free, for to defy is an energy of resistance. In your dream, you found a peaceful forest which is symbolizing the mind. You were bare-breasted, representing unconditional love and nurturing, which is your most natural state when freedom is experienced. You were with many guardians and teachers who were showing you the way – out of their love for you, and due to your deepest calling and desire to be free. Walking up the road bare-breasted, and down the road clothed, is simply symbolic of the dualistic 3D mindset which you are breaking free of in order to transcend and to become the unaffected observer, rather than the angry defier, of the “manic 3D pulse.” Have the wisdom and patience of your owl friends, who are bringing you the greatest gift of transformation into the unknown, and the gift of seeing so very clearly when all appears dark.” -from blog post, Breaking Free

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