“Thank you for the love, light, peace & beauty you bring to my life with your words. I just finished reading “The Myth of Being Thin”. Powerful stuff. What a lovely, gentle reminder to find peace & joy within rather than seeking it outside of ourselves. Deeply inspirational. Thank you so much for this precious gift.”

Lauren, Cape Town, South Africa
“Heather I love you.  Nothing touches my heart deeper than your writings. You are gifted and blessed. Thank you for sharing.”
Kelly, Ontario, Canada

“Would love right now to have words … beautiful tender gentle embracing as a “thank you”…but there are no words in my mind that would be more beautiful than the ones you found ….these new words would have to have the most beautiful smell… at least to join the pictures unfolding in my soul…extending in my heart…that are coming along with this poetry…always so precious the contact with you.”

Sherana Walter, Graz, Austria

“About my donation to you – I am giving my appreciation for all the wonderful sacred writings from you I have been reading so far. So, I ask you to receive my cherishing and thank you so much for your sharing.”
Sylvia Gmeiner, Lake of Constance, Austria
“I have been reading some of your writings and have been very moved by them.  You have a gift for expression that is simply stunning.”
Marianne, Australia
“Dearest Heather, once again you touch me deeply with your words! I am honored! Not only by the beautiful story, (blog post –The Hidden Gift) but, by the understanding you possess that drew you to it! May the sunshine of eternal bliss shine forever on your heart! In Truth, Simplicity, and Love.”   
Steve LaValley, Boston, MA
“Wow….I’m in Europe for 2 months, presently in Turkey ( at the sea coast) your article (blog post – What Remains) is so ON in everything I felt today during my early walking at the coast…. Just wow… I cannot only see the abundance I can touch it… It is everywhere…. And the message is spread by little animals or water or just rocks and sand…. I can feel it everywhere… Thank you so much Heather !!! Greetings from Turkey.”
Svilen Todorov, Montreal, QC
“This one came to me in the early morning (blog post – A Song of Love) so I drank it in while I was experiencing my early morning … appreciating this simple synchronicity, imagining your valley and feeling my own little inner-city paradise where I wake to the expanse of the western morning sky .. and all that rises here in the last dark.  I love how our inter-connectedness shows up and speaks in symbols like this … like a big, ‘Aah..aah.., of course I’m meant to be here reading this. thank you again. love Danella”
Danella Connors, Australia
“You’ve touched me so deeply, I thank you so much and I bless you.”
Elke Schmidt, Adendorf, Germany
“To be as succinct as possible, you are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your incredible journey. Peace and Love.”
Eddie Kays, Markham, ON
“Your words help me in my remembering. Thank you so much for your beautiful, loving and awakening self. And thank you for sharing your vibration through your words…I feel it so strongly and am easily compelled to flow into my heart just through the feeling of the vibration of your words, and heart.”
Tara Cutler, Nampa, AB
“A light shines forth from your face, beauty and truth meander forth from your words, my spirit awaits your next thoughts…”
Sherrie Perugini, Winsted, CT
“I so resonate with what you write and feel the same way. I wish I would know you personally. You are beautiful in all ways that I can see and feel. You’ve given me fresh understandings that I needed today. Thanks! Love and Peace.”
Arthur Dubuc, Manchester, NH
“Your words and the energy they carry are beautiful. Thank you!”
Linda Besserman, Santa Barbara, CA
“I wanted to thank you for your deep sense of writings. (blog post – Journey to the Unknowable) I found your article on the subject What is A Healer. I was looking for the meaning and found the most touching answer through your writing. It was like a cool breeze on the hot desert. I admire and appreciate your blog and your beauty of being. Send my love of heart.”
Juls, France
“Beautiful heartfelt article. (Mystical Ecstasy) Perhaps someday soon, women of all ages will find this balance as we have sought it for eons of time. Perhaps marriage will no longer be required and our freedom of movement will open the vaults of our creativity. Thank you for this expression!”
Daisy, USA
“It is not often I am moved to comment on an unknown blog 🙂 A new sexual matrix is being created. My hubby and I started the first of our sacred union traveling in March/April this year in Australia. I am very grateful to those that can feel and understand this and was pleased to see this beautiful blog about Mystical Ecstasy. Thank you so much for helping bring this vision to life. Heart hugs of gratitude and love.”
Karen-Pallas – West Sussex, England
“Thank you, Heather, for being what you are. May God fill you and your daughter’s life with love, joy, and laughter. And that you may spread love in all hearts.”
Ashok Wahi – Mumbai, India
“Simply Profound. (blog post – Poets & Angels) I can feel the Pure Sacred Essence with every Morscle of my Presence. Thank you and Namaste w/ Love.”
“Beautiful exquisite emotional vocabulary.”
Rob Marchuk
“Thanks so much Heather, you are such a wise old soul. Your writing brings on the remembering, in waves. Blessings Petra”

Petra Bucenieks, Avebury, UK

“Reading your words today, (blog post – Life…Unplugged) was again life affirming. To erase (the scare-city!!!) scarcity consciousness from our illusion-making minds is one of the many things you are doing and that is incredibly empowering with your writing style. You are so right. It feels so healing to wake up and see the Divine in everything including oneself. I truly enjoy your blog and appreciate it so much, darling.”
Shahin Shaheen, Irvine, CA
“I AM blessed your words are so wonderful and uplifting – powerful with grace and ease – thank you Beloved.”
Harachi Stein, Germany
“I can clearly see that you are a radiant being filled with light and love and a shining guiding light to us all. I am looking forward to being inspired by your beautiful thoughts and messages. More power to you and your work.
Angie Salanio, Quezon City, Philippines
“Heather, Your writings were gifted to me by a dear friend and yoga teacher. Somehow, I believe you were revealed to me at a time in my life when I needed to be reminded to LOVE above all else…for that I thank-you. Your blessings are felt.”
Aidan Mayes, Penticton, BC
“I found your site and I felt drawn to it. You inspire love and love is what I am looking for, to feel, to express, to share. I think I am going to learn this from you…”
Paty Alvarado, Mexico
“My Dear Heather, your message was so beautiful. (blog post –Knowing Where Love Is) What a brilliant writer you are. To Know the Oneness of Mother Nature with us Hu-mans shows your Greatness and your intimate connection with All That Is.”
Ji – Pennsylvania, USA
“I LOVE your writing and how you express your creativity. Much Love, Light and Infinite Blessings. Namaste”
Elizabeth Martinez, Miami, FL
“Sat Nam! I am blessed to have come upon your site and am looking forward to learning more through you. Peace, Life, Light, and Love to You.”
Edward Guffey, Pawlet, VT
“Beautiful site. Beautiful You. I am blessed to know you. With Love, Lamar”
Lamar Davis, Sale Creek, TN
“I don’t know if you would want to use any of these words on your website as a testimonial, but I want you to know that in my heart you are a special and brilliant light.  I lovingly unite with those who express gratitude concerning your modelling an embrace of our dark side.  I too am grateful and inspired by your writings as my life journey continues.  The other day, the question came… is the human heart large enough to contain pleasure and pain with no clinging to the pleasure nor resistance to the pain, and the answer came… yes, by all means. Thank you so much for helping me to remember my true self, the one self we all share.  I’m so truly grateful beyond measure.”
Anne Marie – Pelham, NH
“Thank you for sharing your truth…your heart and assisting and inspiring others to remember their truth…the LOVE that we all are.  Your website truly is like “coming home”…so thank you so much. You are a light and your site is a sanctuary for the soul.”
Janice Devine-Patterson – Atascadero, California
“Even though I have never met you, I know you! As tears streamed down my face from the first words I read from you, I loved you! I believe, from the strength of your heart and the kindness you exude, that we are of the same family. Even though this may never be acknowledged, I am content in the feeling. Thank you for being here in my life now, I look forward to your words . In Truth, Simplicity, and Love.”
Steve LaValley, Boston, MA
“I finally had the time to sit down and read your monthly journal, and I just wanted to say thank you so much.  God!  A great honest description of a process it seems so many of us have been going through lately. You really inspired me to keep up my own work of facing and accepting “my dark side”. And, funny enough, I had just had dinner the night before with a friend and we were talking about the same thing: how denying our shadow only gives it strength.” 
D.K. Brainard, Astrologer, Writer – New Orleans, USA
“I have just read with great interest your article, Owning The Beast Within. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views on the “shadow” part that we all seem to have but don’t always understand how to deal with it. Your article sheds helpful light on the subject.  May I have your permission to reprint it in the next issue of Consciousness (Sept/Oct)? Thank you!  Blessings and Light.”  
Pat Moauro, Publisher/Editor, Consciousness – A Journal for Spiritual Seekers 
“Absolutely brilliant!!!!  I love every word of your monthly journals, and I love you!  The way you articulate the most intimate sacred experiences that you are having helps me so much.  I am able to draw parallels as to what my experiences have been like as of late.  You present clarity for me.  I can’t thank you enough Heather.  You truly are a remarkable being and I am so very grateful to know you personally.  
Sonia, Ancaster, ON 
“Beautifully done – you have such a sensitive touch with your poetry.  Many thanks.  Love and all green lights!”
Wayne Dyer, Inspirational Speaker & Author
“Congrats on your splendid writing! In Indian wisdom, it’s said that every human – to live fully – should have a child, plant a tree, and write a book. Nicely done!”
Robin Sharma, Inspirational Speaker & Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and more. Toronto, ON 
“We must publish Heather’s prayer “What I Ache For” prominently on our website! It’s fantastic! So many people need to use it.”  
Kenny Loggins, Singer, Songwriter, Author of The Unimaginable Life
“Heather, you are so precious, so light-filled, so pure, that it makes my heart dance with joy. Thank you for the love you bring via your words and sentiments. You are most definitely a kindred spirit and beautiful goddess!”
Grace Cirocco, Inspirational Speaker & Author of Take the Step, The Bridge Will Be There, Niagara, ON 
“I love your honesty, your sharing of yourself so openly and freely in your monthly writings.  That is how we make such a profound difference in the world.”
Crystal Andrus, Inspirational Speaker & Author of Simply Woman
“Another great issue.  They are often inspiring. I continue to enjoy reading them when I can grab a silent and uninterrupted moment.  Thanks again for sharing. I hope others are acknowledging your good work because is it a great gift you are offering to people.”
Carmen Thivierge, Publisher & Editor of The Natural Healer
“Thank you. I’m enjoying reading your writing and communications, which are poetically inspiring..a total joy to experience!
Laura Hollick, Artist & Creator of Soul Art Studio, Hamilton ON
“About Heather Fraser’s writing..this woman and her monthly journal “feel” really great! She is definitely coming from the consciousness of Oneness. I also love what Heather says about A True Healer “A true healer is one who can look another in the eyes with unconditional love and know that healing is taking place. A true healer is one whose mere presence can uplift and transform what was once darkness into light. A true healer is one whose simple words or loving touch can bring comfort and peace to a troubled heart. A true healer can walk in this world naked of the traditional healing tools and external paraphernalia, using only their eyes, their touch, their divine essence, to shed light and love wherever they go. A true healer is one who owns and accepts Oneness with God.”
Leslie Conway, Teacher, Healer, Burlington ON