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I have always carried with me an ancient memory of a time when we lived in balance and harmony with the world and its people. It’s more like a “feeling” or a “longing” I’ve held in my heart, for a time and way of living that I somehow knew was sacred, abundant, and harmonious. It was a world that revered both Spirit and Earth, and all of daily life was centred within this sacredness.


Children were taught from birth this reverence for earth and sky by the elders -the keepers of ancient memories – and this assured that the flames of wisdom and “right living” would burn on for generations.


Every life, be it plant, animal, or human was honored for its place in the Great Eternal Oneness, for everyone knew about the invisible lines of love and life force that connected all to All.


To not give thanks, or not offer up a prayer of gratitude for the blessings of daily sustenance was considered sacrilege.


No gift was too small to go unnoticed, for the web of life beheld every brilliant jewel of the Great Unknown, and when respected in such a way, would illuminate the soul of every living creature, bringing peace, balance and harmony to All.


It was a time of great divinity, before the need of external reminders; the temples, churches, statues, or false gods.


People understood themselves as divine, and equality of all life was the natural order.


Each person was bestowed immense admiration and paid homage to for their unique gifts, and those gifts were encouraged, brought forth, supported and celebrated with much humility, for this was divinity shamelessly expressed, as natural and necessary as the flow of breath.


In the hearts of the people, a tangible purity dwelled, and from this dwelling place, like a morning flower gladly surrendering her beauty to the sun, a good world evolved.

These are my memories of home, and we are returning. My heart has ached for lifetimes for the sweetness of that time, for that collective purity of heart when we all walked the road of freedom. We are on that journey now.


Many of us have remembered, and we are walking, we are talking, we are gathering, we are grieving, we are purifying, we are changing, and we are waking up from the dark spell of mass hypnosis.


Like the morning flower, our hearts are opening to the grace of truth, to beauty and harmony…and a good world will once again be birthed from within.


(written January 2010)

(flower photo credit: Tsutomu Akabane)

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  1. Marci Peterson

    So beautifully written. I remember and have awakened. Still a process, but “pushing” through.

    • Heather Fraser

      Thank you, Marci. We are all in the process of ‘remembering’ and awakening, without exception.
      We’ve been asleep for so long to the joy and profound benevolence of this Universe.
      Thrilled to know that you are walking along the path to freedom sister!
      Many beautiful blessings your way,
      Heather xo

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