How Are You Responding To Existence? – Your Body Knows

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I am sitting at my desk looking out over the expanse of green trees and the surrounding escarpment. It’s grey and cool outside and there are raindrops still clinging to the window from a morning shower.


Blue jays are squawking in the distance and the hum of crickets is making me smile.


I can see some mist in the valley from the recent change in temperature. It looks just like the steam rising from the peppermint tea next to me as I write this.


The air inside is filled with the aroma of homemade Carrot, Cumin and Beet Soup warming on the stove.


My heart feels full of tenderness, both sore and soft at the same time.  Full and empty simultaneously.  There’s an entire Universe in there.


This is it…life…in this moment. There’s nothing else, and yet, it’s everything...


how are you responding to existence? your body knows


Responding To Existence

In my previous post, I shared the benefits of consciously expanding our light body and raising our frequency. When we do this consistently, we purify, cleanse, and refine our energies.  This can really allow us to feel into the moment with total clarity and tune into how our body and senses are responding to Existence.


Pausing To Feel

What we want to aim for in our day to day life is to consciously create many more moments where we can pause, take a deep breath, and feel in our body whatever is before us, whether that be our work, a person, a situation, or even a feeling, despite whether we are deeming it good or bad. Ask yourself how you’re feeling, what are you noticing, smelling, tasting, hearing? It takes just a few seconds to check-in and make whatever course corrections if any, we may need.


Creating A Transformative Frequency

Regardless of circumstance, when we pause like this and choose to expand with light and gratitude, what we are really doing is creating transformation.  Take the moment I shared above, sitting at my desk and reveling at all before me.  How is this creating transformation?  And transformation into what exactly?  Very simply put, I am consciously throwing a stone into a pond – the ripple effects expanding and transforming all in its path, including my own.


We Are Always At Choice To Shift Our Energy

Now, what if the situation is more challenging? For example, you are suffering some deep, emotional pain and can’t seem to stop the triad of negativity, hopelessness, and depression from taking over.  Even here, we are still at choice. Somewhere inside, (and yes, sometimes it takes a big reach to find it), we know that if we just got up and went for that walk, or reached out to that friend, or took ourselves out to a movie, that we would feel a bit better. In other words, consciously choosing to take the focus off our troubled, personal identity.


Creating An Opening To Shift Is Vital

This too would be like throwing a stone in the pond causing transformative ripple effects. For sure, it would take more consistent action in a situation like this, especially if we are letting any sense of pride or shame get the better of us, but every time the choice is made to literally yield, soften, and expand our energies outward, a forward movement would result.  Isolation, loneliness, and feelings of unworthiness are energies that implode in the body, often forcefully, so when things are bad and we don’t reach ‘for the light’ so to speak, things continue to feel harder and harder to deal with and our physical body goes through hell. Still, we are at choice.


Our Real Life Mission

The more we get the hang of this, the easier it is to remember who we are, what we’re made of (light), and to realize that our real mission in this lifetime is to consistently and consciously expand our awareness and attune our frequencies to a higher level of consciousness. Luckily, this earth school we signed up for gives us plenty of opportunities to do just that, especially if it’s freedom for all that lives in our heart.


With so much love & joy,

Heather xo


P.S. If you have friends, clients or colleagues who you feel may be interested in how they are responding to Existence, send them this blog. Helping others to help themselves is ultra cool.


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