How Embodying the Nature of the Cosmos Will Change You Forever

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If you are aware enough to feel it, there is a strong and palpable difference in vibration between the old world and the new, and if you are reading this, then I’m sure you know what I mean.


How Embodying the Nature of the Cosmos Changes You Forever


Less Mind-Stuff and More Presence

The vibration of the new world contains less mind-stuff and more presence. It embodies the nature of the cosmos. At the same time, the old world matrix overlaps but remains in place. Heavy. Hard. Old. Patriarchal. Joyless. Conditioned. Enslaved.


Shattering Old Paradigms With The Mind

The only way to shatter it is with the mind. It’s the mind, that when relaxed and at ease, can melt into the heart and become an ocean of calm — a sanctuary of well-being, cooperation, unity, creative expression, joy, and equanimity — clear, empty, powerful, simple.


It helps to become nothing — NO THING, the energy of creation. It helps to embody the natural, benevolent intelligence of the cosmos.


And how do we do that exactly?


We learn to chill out, let go, R-E-L-A-X. Have you ever known the cosmos to be uptight, fearful, worried, or anxious?  When you discover the answer to this question your life will automatically begin to change.



Suffering For Those Who Refuse To Change

The old world matrix feels incredibly burdensome as we move into 2020. It’s built upon a collective mindset that is constricted, artificial, false, hypnotized, void of meaning, empty of soul, rushed, angry, fearful, resentful, full of shame and guilt, out of balance, and corrupt…and definitely uptight.


As an empath, to me it feels barren of anything real. This will remain a place of great suffering for those who refuse to change, to shed their baggage, or expand their consciousness into a unified field of harmony with all life.


To Awaken Is The Bridge Across Forever

But don’t panic if you feel stuck in the old ways. The call to awaken won’t stop. The soul wants nothing more than our freedom. It’ll never give up. It’s only we who choose to do that because we think there’s no way out of the way we’ve been taught to think…it’s the hypnosis of social conditioning, and we can move beyond it.


Some of us have been the map-makers, out on the edge, clearing the way for ourselves and others. To wake up is the only bridge across forever into a new way of being.  And we do that by slowing down, taking stock of our lives, clearing out every nook and cranny of the mind that doesn’t feel like flow, ease, harmony, or spaciousness. We do this by embodying the nature of the cosmos.


Expansive, Radiating, Finer Energies

The new world is not something that is coming sometime in the future. It has arrived. It’s not a new physical location either. Rather, its energy, a vibration being created from minds that have become quiet, empty, and vast.


In this new world mind — peace, tranquility, nourishment, celebration, joy, creativity, community, beauty, soulful relationships, along with enough of everything is the reality that is available.


These expansive, radiating, finer vibrations are turbo charged, yet learning to balance them with mindful grounding techniques such as radical self-care, spending blocks of unhurried time in our sacred spaces, and immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature, are some of the ways to stay balanced and maintain our equilibrium.


Dedicate Your Life To Something Bigger Than You

And it’s not like this new way of being is for a lucky chosen few. It’s for every single person whose heart is longing for freedom and is willing to be humbled to their knees, to become vulnerable, and shed their attachments.


Your new life has got to be dedicated to something larger than yourself…to serving…loving…creating.


A Pilgrimage of Change

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t quite feel there yet…just breathe. If your heart is calling you towards a more simplified, authentic way to be, you will somehow find your way to the great pilgrimage of change taking place.


Having Faith in the Benevolent Forces of Existence

It requires an enormous amount of faith in the benevolent unseen forces of existence, in allowing all things to come and go, to be as free and supple as the wind, to keep your heart as big and open as the sky, and to take everything that comes with great courage and grace.  It’s all for you.


Are you ready to embody the cosmos? If so, your life will change…


Simple Steps To Embody The Cosmos

  • try meditating for 20 minutes every morning and/or evening
  • become more inclusive with a tendency towards integration rather than separation
  • create…anything…just to express and share, even if it’s just with your pet!
  • serve others because you want to…because it feels expanding to do so
  • make ease the only way you’ll live your life (the cosmos isn’t riddled with struggle and hardship)
  • root yourself in the beauty of nature often
  • solitude and silence are game changers
  • take care of your body or else you won’t be able to embody anything!
  • try a little tenderness..towards yourself and others
  • practice radical humility in the face of your ego rising…and it will…
  • laugh…a lot


With so much love & joy,


Heather xo


P.S. If you have friends, clients or colleagues who you think may be in interested in embodying the cosmos, send them this blog. The world could sure use a lot more cosmic-minded people!


I love to connect!  Feel free to contact me.

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  1. Norral

    hello heather my name is norral. i am 72 and recently retired which i enjoy immensely i agree completely with what you said. it really is about letting go and trusting in a benevolent universe. so a beautiful article truly enjoyed it and it encourages me to just keep on keeping on . it is always nice to listen to like minded people
    take care, all the best

    • Heather Fraser

      Hi Norral,

      Thank you for connecting! Such a joy.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and that you felt encouraged by it to ‘keep on keeping on.’

      Many beautiful blessings for you always,
      Heather xo

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