“Most of us are in the process of losing our old identity, losing our egos…dissolving into something else…some finer, higher frequency bandwidth of living and being, but if we don’t get that this is what’s happening, then we’ll freak out, forget who we really are, and fall into fear and chaos.”

deep calm a roadmap to joy



“True mastery is the experience of living through something profoundly difficult to the point that you actually wonder if you’ll survive it, where all the foundations that you used to find so solid and secure begin to crumble beneath your feet.  This is what’s happening now.  True mastery is not for sissies.”

When Angels Fingerpaint


The Myth of Being Thin


The Art of Seeing Soul


Morning Mystic


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Audio Shorts

Often when I’m writing, I find that the messages are deeply profound.  In these audio shorts, I’ve taken excerpts, or chunks of those messages, and spoken them using my voice so that you can experience them  in their highest, purifying power, through the spoken word. Maximum length 5 mins. 

All audio shorts are a gift. It’s up to you if you feel moved to make a donation and all audios are set as “give as you please.”

Nature Speaks Series

(Oct 2021 – ongoing)

winter's message

Changeable Waters

nature speaks

Stay Tuned…

nature speaks

Stay tuned…

winter's message

Winter’s Message

beauty surrounds you

Beauty Surrounds You

nature speaks

Nature Speaks

The Still, Small Voice Series

(2011 – 2015)

Nature’s Love

Life As It Is

Our True Origin

The Heart Remembers

Our Commom Thread

Becoming Empty



Ever Present Grace

Nothing Can End You

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