Audio Shorts

Often when I write, I find that there’s a deeper message in some of the words that come through. I wanted to create the most powerful version of those messages to offer to you, which I felt was through the purifying sound of the words spoken out loud using my voice. Each audio message is about 5 mins in length, and I will continue to add more to the library.


All audio shorts are a gift. It’s up to you if you feel moved to make a donation and all audios are set as “pay as you wish.”

Nature Speaks Series

(Oct 2021 – ongoing)

winter's message

Changeable Waters

winter's message

Winter’s Message

beauty surrounds you

Beauty Surrounds You

The Still, Small Voice Series

(2011 – 2015)

Nature’s Love

Life As It Is

Our True Origin

The Heart Remembers

Our Commom Thread

Becoming Empty



Ever Present Grace

Nothing Can End You