Love, Light & Liberation – Don’t Become The Virus

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Back in January, three months before anyone had ever heard of the corona virus, I intuitively wrote the following words as an introduction to a new product I was creating…a guidebook to Creating Calm, which I will still distribute, at no charge or by donation, when complete.


When I go back and read the entire blog post, Creating Calm – The Need of Our Times (published on January 20th), what has transpired in the world since then has been uncanny, astonishing, and somewhat extraordinary.


“2020 will be talked about in hindsight as the year of dissolution, the process in which something becomes weaker and weaker, then literally dissolves or dismantles.  Patriarchal power, war, oppression, lies, dictatorship, global warming, greed – it’s all coming apart. But in that coming apart, much will feel unstable, ungrounded and chaotic in the material world. Many will fall into the chaos because it’s what’s familiar and their fear will keep them rooted and mired there, making the transition of emergence to a new way of being and living far more difficult. (Think caterpillar to butterfly. We’re literally liquefying, dissolving, so we can evolve into a lighter, higher, more refined and exquisite human.) Resistance to the process will only slow things down and create much suffering.”


Love, Light, Liberation


Something Was Coming

I felt something was coming but had no idea what…all I could sense was the world would need some tools for learning to live a quieter, calmer life, not so different from the way I had already been living for the past few years.


Nowhere To Go But Within

I’m still working on the guidebook…but now doing so in the midst of an actual world-wide pandemic…at home…with nowhere to go but within.


Insightful Message

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a hopeful, candid, and insightful message regarding the corona virus (released on 3.22.2020) and channeled through Bart Smit of Toronto, who is a Deep Trance Channeler, Meditation Teacher, and Vocalist who I have personally consulted at times over the past 20+ years. If you’ve never experienced or seen a live channel before, please don’t allow judgment to get in the way of the actual message.


Feel whether the words resonate with your inner being. They did with mine.  (Run time: 22 mins)



“There’s nothing to do..there’s nowhere to go. The perfect conditions for silence, light, love, and liberation.”  -Bart Smit


My love and inner calm to all…let’s ride this wave together,
Heather xo


P.S. If you know anyone who might want to hear this message, send them this blog Spreading messages of love vs fear can create calm and alleviate anxiety.


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