November 3 & 4, 2017

The Osler House Bed & Breakfast

Dundas, Ontario Canada


So many of us when faced with challenges, too many daily pressures or packed busy schedules will automatically search for something outside ourselves to either heal the tension, deny the pain, or find the answer to ease the discomfort. Some will take the road of addiction and denial, others will search for solace in unhealthy relationships, and still, others will go on an endless quest of self-improvement feeling that who they are is not enough. Whatever the road, if it is not leading you inward towards the self and towards how to nourish, relax, and renew your soul, then you will find yourself lost.


If you feel like your life has become stagnant, out of control, boring, stressed, or you find yourself asking questions like, “what’s it’s all about, why am I here, what is my purpose?” you can rest assured that your soul is longing for you to nourish, relax, and renew yourself.


nourish relax renew workshop


How much do you want to feel like the creator of your life?  How strong is your desire to change what is no longer working? How much inner peace and joy can you stand?


Come and join me at the beautiful Osler House Bed & Breakfast as we explore what I have come to discover as the four keys to inner joy and peace. These keys open up your inner SAGE.


  • Spirit – acknowledging its presence in your life.
  • Acceptance – of what is.
  • Gratitude – for everything.
  • Empowerment – feeling it and owning it.


During our time together we will explore:


  • beautiful and simple daily practices to keep you centered and connected to Spirit.
  • how to bring the energy of conscious awareness into your day and accept, rather than resist, whatever life throws at us.
  • instant ways to feel deep gratitude in your heart regardless of circumstances.
  • the difference between a sense of deep, inner empowerment, and feeling motivated or ‘hyped-up’ by something external.


Get ready to nourish, relax, and renew from the moment you arrive! Check out pricing and itinerary here.