I consult with a variety of individuals both locally and internationally and conduct appointments by phone from my home in the quaint valley town of Dundas, Ontario CANADA.


I work primarily as a guide to steer you towards four areas that will help you to overcome your suffering.  These four areas are:


  • Spirit
  • Acceptance
  • Gratitude
  • Empowerment


…or as I like to call it…the wisdom of your inner SAGE.


You see, first, you suffer.


Suffering forces you to question your life. Once you start to question your suffering you find yourself wanting to be more still. You want to spend more time in solitude. You begin to embrace nature as a sacred elixir of life. You start to really listen. You begin to breathe more deeply. You start to pay attention. You feel the urge to create. All of this seems to stir up even more suffering. That is good.  You are becoming real. Here is where most people give up, and here is where it really helps to have a guide who has walked the path.


What often happens when we get to this sacred spot is that we’ll dip our toe in the water, find it too icy cold, and run back to our comfortable easy chairs in front of the fireplace, or dive back under the covers of our warm beds. Comfort zones are addicting, and addictive behavior doesn’t tend to serve our highest good.


Peeling back the layers of illusion hurts. There is no getting around it. To end suffering, we must undo what has been done.  We learn to finally surrender to that place within that we know is our true home no matter what the cost. We learn to accept, We learn to be grateful for whatever life is trying to teach us, and eventually, we learn that feeling empowered has more to do with surrendering to our INNER JOY than to anything external. We surrender to Love.


(read my article, The End of Suffering)


What do we accomplish from all of this work? We learn to master how to love, create, and serve.


Love, as in radical self-care first. Create, through shamelessly expressing our unique longings. Serve, by sharing our creative gifts with others.


This guidance is offered with deep wisdom, compassion, gentle humor, and a great deal of genuine, relatable, down-to-earthness, both gained and earned through life experience.


Booking A Session


For more information or to request an appointment, please contact me and let me know if you are interested in a half-hour or full-hour session. All sessions are conducted Eastern Standard Time. All major credit cards are accepted.  After confirming your appointment time, you may return to this page and choose a payment option below.





“It was a delightful experience to connect with Heather. She had a bright positive energy. The session was excellent. It was helpful to discuss my experiences with Heather, to be reassured that my journey “along the path” is in a forward direction and what I might expect to feel in the following days. During the session, it was amazing how she was drawn to the areas where I was experiencing resistance without my verbalizing anything. After my session, I was initially floating about and then became very tired. Lots of releasing. I allowed myself to feel all of the painful feelings and Heather’s advice in that regard was very helpful. Despite having those feelings and being very tired at times, I now feel overall, more hopeful and comforted that things are unfolding as they are meant to be. I look forward to my next session and would be delighted to refer others to her.”  -Elizabeth – Physician, Niagara, ON


“Well, I think there’s something to this…. I’ve felt a lot better since the last session. Not obsessing about food, the overwhelming compulsions for food, the NEED for sugar… the urges that I can’t stop.   I didn’t feel different right away, it took a few days and then I just noticed that I wasn’t overeating. I would like to book another appointment.”  -Patti, Hamilton, ON


“I am so glad my friend came to see Heather.  I hope she has a complete turnaround like I did.  I am sleeping like a baby, things at work seem to be changing for the better and I just found out I’m expecting!  -Antonella, Toronto, ON


“I had a great session with Heather and raved about her to my colleagues and my patients who are on the same level. Her presence was very nurturing and calming.  I think I had so much that I was holding in that it overflowed.  I had a great release of tears at home that night.  It was wonderful and I have referred Heather to a patient of mine as well.”  -Registered Massage Therapist, Grimsby ON


“Heather made me feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. That came in part from her own serene and joyful presence, but also from plenty of preparation…of her own soul. She is a beautiful guide – calm, confident yet vulnerable. A winning combination. Her S.A.G.E. formula for joy is so simple, yet profound – as the best things are. It was a good reminder.”  -Valerie, Burlington, ON


“Heather’s session was wonderful. Her inner grace and joy were immediately felt, and I was amazed by how quickly she created such a warm and comfortable atmosphere allowing me to share my feelings, to ask questions, and to feel heard. Her simple S.A.G.E. formula for joy gave me the hope that I can find the beauty and wisdom of my soul. The greatest message I received was “not to be married to my drama”, and to gently accept and let go. I look forward to future sessions with Heather to uncover the greatness of me.”  -Rhonda, Brantford, ON


“Heather has a very compassionate and spiritual approach to wellness guidance. With just a few adjustments to my attitude, I’ve lost 10lbs and have more energy! It was delightful to talk to someone who listened and who would work with my unique personal and spiritual needs.”  -Cathy Louise, Certified Reiki Master, Hamilton ON


“Since my session with Heather, I have experienced an increase in energy along with the psychological improvements which have been immense!”  -Pam, Certified Hypnotherapist, Burlington ON




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