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The Art of Seeing Soul
The Art of Seeing Soul (e-book)
Read reviews. This is a book about transcendence, the kind that comes from being able to see with soul in each moment, situation, or encounter and the achingly beautiful grace that comes from doing so. This will bring you peace. The kind that has you remaining in the moment while you are walking through the soul fires of your life, not away from them. This will bring you creativity, vitality, and abundance. The kind that will have you asking, “Am I experiencing a greater awareness of the Divine in myself and others? Am I dealing more effectively and lovingly with the challenges in my life?” This will bring you trust and confidence. The kind that will have you realizing that all you want to be, you already are, and that all you have to do to move your awareness there is stay present, accept, soften, and yield in order to see the reality of your own soul, and others. This will bring you love and joy. This book will help you to dissolve whatever is blocking you off from the deep love of your soul and how to bring about permanent change in whatever area of your life you are struggling with. There’s only one problem and one solution, and once you are aware of them and “heart-ready” to take the necessary steps outlined in this book, you are free.
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The Myth of Being Thin
The Myth of Being Thin (e-book)
This is a book about transformation. (Read reviews) The kind that comes from radical self-acceptance and the freedom that follows. •The kind of freedom that will have you drop pounds of heavy baggage from carrying around the myth of being thin. •The kind of freedom that will stop you from twisting your guts up from trying to change yourself into some unrealistic idea of who you dream of being based on this myth. •The kind of freedom that will release you from having no peace, no calm, no rest, and no feeling of being comfortable in your own skin. •The kind of freedom that will have you taking stock of your life, finding out how you’d like to really live and feel based on what you may be holding secret in your heart, and then taking the steps to make it happen. •And finally, the kind of freedom that will have you asking the ultimate question, “What are you willing to pledge allegiance to, without exception, to have the kind of well-being, calm, creative, balanced life you long for? Is it freedom? Is it living an authentic life? Is it simplicity? Is it truth? Is it love? You get to choose. This is not a diet book, though if you follow the 4 steps with all you’ve got, you may feel lighter, especially in your heart. Everything else just follows. The Myth of Being Thin will show you how to bust the epidemic myth that ‘thin is better’ and fully own your rightful place inside your heart so that you can accept your real identity as pure essence; the root of self-acceptance. With real self-acceptance examples from the author’s own experience, you will discover that from this divine place, all negative thoughts of body image – fat, thin, tall, short, big butt, small butt – simply melt away and are replaced by a deep sense of inner dignity, reverence, and self-acceptance. Written for the beginner starting out on the path of self-transformation, and with a strong focus on the spiritual solution and the 4 action steps, this little book for newbies offers an alternative answer to the mainstream thrust of dieting and weight loss mania and leads you inward, where all permanent change takes place.  
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When Angels Fingerpaint
When Angels Fingerpaint (e-book)
In the following poems, I reflect upon life's precious moments as I see them. It is my hope that this book will tug a little at those strings of your heart that knows there’s more to life that what we can see with our physical eyes. Perhaps in the knowing, we will recognize our own great magnificence as a soul simply experiencing a physical life for a short while, and come to understand our unlimited capacity to love in every moment and make this world a better place.  
"Beautifully done – you have such a sensitive touch with your poetry. Many thanks.  Love and all green lights!"
- Wayne Dyer, Inspirational Speaker & Author
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