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The Art of Seeing Soul (e-book)


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This is a book about transcendence, the kind that comes from being able to see with soul in each moment, situation, or encounter and the achingly beautiful grace that comes from doing so. This will bring you peace.

The kind that has you remaining in the moment while you are walking through the soul fires of your life, not away from them. This will bring you creativity, vitality, and abundance.

The kind that will have you asking, “Am I experiencing a greater awareness of the Divine in myself and others? Am I dealing more effectively and lovingly with the challenges in my life?” This will bring you trust and confidence.

The kind that will have you realizing that all you want to be, you already are, and that all you have to do to move your awareness there is stay present, accept, soften, and yield in order to see the reality of your own soul, and others. This will bring you love and joy.

This book will help you to dissolve whatever is blocking you off from the deep love of your soul and how to bring about permanent change in whatever area of your life you are struggling with.

There’s only one problem and one solution, and once you are aware of them and “heart-ready” to take the necessary steps outlined in this book, you are free.