I offer these archived articles as a shared blessing to those of you who have made your way here.  Know that the sentiments and words that I expressed in the past through these writings were lived experiences. I do not assume that the experiences I wrote about were the truths of another though they may have been similar.  Share them or email them to a friend in need.  Spread the Love wherever and whenever you can.  
Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: This apparently light weight essay is not what it appears to be. If Heather’s experience with an avocado gave her an excuse to write about the sacredness that fills every aspect of the sensory world, it’s a clear sign that she wants to take us deeper. As the conversation develops you will begin to understand that she is here to remind us that ‘It’s all good’ and that it’s safe to stand on the rock of our lives and sing our thanks out to Mother Earth for everything she gives to us, so unconditionally. This article is short and sweet, and we have a feeling it will bring tears to your eyes. If you’re up for a good, heartfelt cry, by all means, check it out.”
Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at:  “Before we can even begin to understand what it means to step into our “God Shoes” we first have to know who we are. According to Heather, we are “Angels Born in Hell” — and as we become more sensitive to the way life works, the true test of the spiritually aware person is our ability to take the good with the bad. In an essay that gets us to see that each attempt to come from a place of total acceptance strengthens the Master within, Heather reminds us that the minute we embrace our suffering and learn how to love all of it, unconditionally, we open the channel between Heaven and Earth and empower ourselves to embody the power Spirit in our life and in our work.”

Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: Heather has a way of putting her experience into words that awaken something in our core essence. She uses her Beltane article to open the vault on the things we go through when life slams us with events and people that trigger our primary wounds. Every encounter with our hardest lessons gives us another chance to heal them. As much as we’ve been to enough workshops and read enough books to know this like the back of our hand, it is only when we’re in the middle of our worst nightmare that we cut to the heart of transcendence. All of us have been there; if you happen to be there at the moment, Heather’s insights will remind you what it feels like to soar out of a lesson in the art of letting go.”

Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: Like everyone else on the planet Heather is trying to make sense of the things that have come down since March 11. If none of us can figure out what to make of this, it’s good to know that we’re not alone. It looks like Heather goes between feeling exhilarated by the influx of higher dimensional energies that are beginning to open our eyes and our hearts, and being totally wiped out by darker forces that seem Hell-bent on dragging us down. On a morning when the sun was shining and her head was above water for a few hours Heather decided to sit down and write about the ins-and-outs of coming up for air when the waters of life are overflowing with grief and despair. For a good dose of spiritual CPR we invite you to let her tell you how she manages to stay afloat.”

Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: There is something about the energy of spring that tends to stir us to new realms of possibility. What’s so incredible about this Spring energy, is that it is combined with a massive surge of evolutionary energy that is opening us up to the realization of who we really are, and the power we hold within our individual Being to not only free ourselves, but our fellow brothers and sisters as well. As always, Heather uses her connection to Mother Earth as a way of showing us that we really are “all One” and as a way to remind us that we came here to help each other find our way home.”
Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: “For most of us, living in a place where we are accepting, and loving, and OK with life no matter what’s going on, is easier said than done. At the same time, the more we see, and feel, and know that it’s all good, all the time, the more we understand how much better off we are when we circumvent the head trips that tell us to shut the door whenever life doesn’t look the way we think it should. As we edge closer to unity consciousness, it becomes clearer and clearer that our judgments about everything are nothing but a handicap. In her February article, Heather draws inspiration from a favorite piece of jewelry to talk to us about what happens when we open our hearts to absolutely everything.”
Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: Back in October we received an email from Heather, telling us that the following channeling needed to be reprinted. For whatever reason, she explained that her angels had been prompting her to do whatever she could to get it posted again. Not sure if she was hearing things or truly connected to her inner guidance, she decided to trust the latter and follow its instructions — and we’re glad she did. Two months down the road, as we move into the 2011 New Year, it has finally come time for us to share this beautiful message with all of you. When you read it you will understand why the spirits that guide Ms. Fraser moved her to spread the word to all of us and to anyone out there who needs to be reminded why they made the choice to trade their wings in for feet!”
“Zurück im Oktober erhielten wir ein Email von Heather, uns mitteilend, dass der folgende Artikel erneut erscheinen müsse. Aus welchem Grund auch immer erklärte sie, dass ihre Engel sie dazu aufgefordert hätten, alles zu tun was sie könne, damit er erneut gepostet würde. Nicht sicher, ob sie Stimmen hörte, oder wahrhaft mit ihrer inneren Führung verbunden war, entschied sie sich Letzterem zu vertrauen und den Anweisungen zu folgen — und wir sind froh, dass sie es tat. Zwei Monate später, wenn wir uns ins neue Jahr bewegen, ist schließlich die Zeit für uns gekommen, diese wundervolle Botschaft mit euch allen zu teilen. Wenn ihr sie lest werdet ihr verstehen, warum die Spirits, die Frau Fraser anleiten, sie dazu bewegten das Wort zu uns allen zu verbreiten, damit die, die es brauchen, daran erinnert sind, warum sie ihre Flügel gegen Füße eintauschten!”
Note from Cal Garrison, Editor at Spirit of Ma’at: “Heather spent the early part of her life in Africa. It was there that the sights and the sounds of life in the villages awakened her to the idea that when we put our heart and hands into everything we do it evokes joy and an absolute reverence for life. At a point in time when our reverence for life appears to be lost under all of the distractions that take it out of the picture, the need to awaken our connection to Spirit has never been more mandatory. If you’ve forgotten what it means to live in reverence, Heather’s Solstice article will remind you that we can’t live without it.”

“Heather verbrachte die Anfangszeit ihres Lebens in Afrika. Dort war es, wo die Ansichten und die Klänge des Lebens in den Dörfern sie zu der Idee erweckten, dass, wenn wir unser Herz und Hand in jede Sache legen, die wir machen, dies Freude hervor ruft und eine absolute Reverenz für das Leben. Zu einem Zeitpunkt da eure Ehrerbietung für das Leben unter all den Ablenkungen verloren scheint, die sie aus unserem Blickfeld verdrängen, ist unsere Verbindung zu Spirit zu erwecken noch nie zwingend notwendiger geworden. Wenn ihr vergessen habt in Reverenz zu leben, wird euch Heathers Sonnwendartikel daran erinnern, dass wir nicht ohne sie leben können.”

La Broma Cósmica *Spanish* 

Sé Amor Ahora *Spanish* 

Liebe heilt *German*
El Amor Sana *Spanish* 

Den Tanz tanzen *German*

La Gran Limpieza *Spanish* 

No Hay Respuesta *Spanish* 


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2 Responses

  1. Vareth

    -Broken End

    To this World i do now visit, I give my blessings to its life and its elegance,
    Condemn the pride, egos and those so full of arrogance.

    To see a smile, glossy eyes of one so true in love,
    A symbol of true peace a kind free spirit that of a flying dove.
    Have you ever heard the soft words of someone so sincere,
    That everything they say begins to magically appear very crystal clear.
    Seen the laughter of a friend when things were suddenly not too bad,
    The night before was not to great, now awake and living they appear to be very glad.
    Listen closely to the rain next time as it splatters all around,
    Rejuvenating everything, the soil, animals and people for centuries have always loved that sound.
    Work together for man was never meant to be alone,
    For if he was his soul would be shrunk and would have never greatly grown.
    Say a kind word to someone who crosses your path,
    Only in defense shall you ever show them merciless wrath.
    Step back and realize all those around you can feel a time of defeat,
    Encourage everyone and help bring them back up to their feet.
    Don’t try to question why things went bad on that day,
    Life has reasons to pause and you must expect delays.
    Never be afraid to smile or cry when the time is right,
    Sometimes those tears will clarify your vision and show you the true meaning of sight.

    And now in my hand this cup has broken into two,
    To the side what is false and in the front of what is true.
    The contents inside spilt evenly upon the opposite pair,
    Truth is without corners but what is fake has become square.
    The handle I still hold between two fingers and a thumb,
    In our understanding this handle has let us know who we have now become.
    Kept them together as we all lifted them up in this world that we thought that we knew,
    As our roots expand and our souls get old, we know it’s time for this World we have now outgrew.

    V –

    • Heather Fraser

      Thank you, Vareth, for such beautiful, poetic, and insightful prose. Such an unexpected gift to receive and for which I am most grateful you shared here.

      Many blessings your way,

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