As a young girl living in Africa, the house we lived in had been previously owned by an eccentric jeweler who had left old oil drums full of both raw and polished gemstones around the property. Nothing would make me happier when I was home from boarding school on holidays than to go outside and sift through the piles of stones, which to me felt like the most magical, colorful treasures.


Today, I live not too far from a rock shop owned by an artist and master pewter smith and this is where I go to find the stones and pewter settings I use for my pendants. Synchronically, this rock shop also has an outdoor area where there are piles of raw and semi-polished gemstones where one can roam through at leisure looking for special treasures.


Each piece I make is one-of-a-kind and filled with the vibration of the love and joy I have for the stones.  Shipping to anywhere in the world is included in the price. Yep…that’s right! 🙂  Visit my Shop to view.

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