The Greatest Gifts of Our Times – Calm, Compassion, Kindness

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“You have to start giving first and expect absolutely nothing.” – Dalai Lama


Currently, all over the Internet can be found a flood of stories, videos, and posts of people coming together in loving acts of sharing and solidarity.  This is how the Internet should be used…to spread the good…to spread philanthropy…to spread well-being…to spread calm, compassion and kindness.


the greatest gifts of our times calm compassion kindness
Give where you can…


With that in mind, I wanted to share with you that I am gifting my Amazon e-book, Morning Mystic, at no charge starting today (March 30) for the next 5 days. 


As I was re-reading it, it became abundantly clear to me that this was written through me for these times…


And if you’ve already read it or purchased it in the past, then I invite you to re-read it as I did, in the midst of our current world situation.


Here we all are…nowhere to go…nothing to do…most of the world is in stillness, and this book (published April 2015) is all about stillness…the gifts we gain from it…and the calm we can receive from it.  It is written in the format of a daily spiritual practice.


In stillness we can touch the silent peace of God and feel comforted regardless of circumstance.  In fact, I wrote this book in the midst of my own personal stillness and hardship at the time, as a way to pull me through.


Just click on the book image if you’d like to receive this gift of calm, compassion and kindness.


It is available for free throughout all Amazon international marketplaces. If you get a message saying something like “this title is not currently available for purchase” you just have to go to your country’s Amazon page and search the title.  Easy, peasy… 


Morning Mystic


This book is about the simple teachings that can come to us when we are still. In particular, the kind of stillness that comes from the freshness of early morning, before the sun rises, before the energy of human activity fills the air. I like to call this stillness, the silent peace of God.


There is something reverent about the dawn. It contains a felt, silent power of complete neutrality, pristine in its authenticity, and stunning in its ability to render one immediately peaceful the moment we honor its presence, and thereby become one with it.


Each morning, I arise with the joy of knowing I will be spending an hour or more immersed in the presence of this holy stillness. And then I express whatever feeling is filling up my heart by writing it down.


Over the years, this has become my practice in mindfulness, understanding, and trust.  When we can allow ourselves to be open enough to be ‘taught’ by something greater than ourselves, to hear the silent whispers, receive the teachings, live them, and pass them on, then, we can say we are ‘embracing the One.’


If this is something you long for in your heart, this book will help you.



From my heart to yours,

Heather xo


P.S. If you know anyone who might want to download this book for free (until April 3), send them this blog Spreading useful tools that create calm and comfort reminds us that we’re not alone.


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