Giving With Love


A common definition of the word TRIBE is referred to as a group of people, often of related families, who live in the same area and share the same language, culture, and history.  I like to think of my TRIBE as any person or group of people working and/or living together in the name of love, freedom, harmony with nature, and the willingness and openness to move forward in the world, creating new systems and ways of interacting and exchanging with others that are in alignment with nature, sovereignty and integrity.  I share in this new section of the website, some of  the people and projects I’ve interacted with, or who simply feel, to me, aligned in the way of love, and to whom your donations go towards supporting. I look forward to supporting and adding many more projects here.

Green Renaissance

Sharing ideas, and inspiring change.

Green Renaissance is a passionate collective of four creatives, on a journey to share positive stories like the film above. They make films that excite them – they call these their passion projects. Their mission is to share their films freely.  Films without a corporate agenda or linked to any advertising of brands or products. Films that can be uploaded online and shared.  Green Renaissance is located just outside of Cape Town, South Africa, but with a global audience.

The Karma Honey Project

Save a bee, save the world.

In Puerto Rico, the team at Karma Honey Project are rescuing and rehoming bee colonies onto small organic farms and sanctuaries.  Preserving & creating pollinator safe habitats.  Researching into determining what’s killing the bees worldwide, and educating children on the importance of bees to mankind.

In Line With Nature

Creating an economy based on appreciation, equality and togetherness.

Creating in Spain, through practical action, a world where the abundance of nature is the base for a new economy.