Rising in love, freedom, & joy

Here in the WATCH section you’ll find short video messages from me. Often they’ll be spontaneous movements of whatever I feel to share with you in the moment that’s relevant to rising in love, freedom, and joy.

 Appreciation, in and of itself, can inspire you in creating a new way of living and livelihood directly linked to following your true nature, showing you that another way of living and creating outside of the current enslaved system is possible.  Just imagine your work and creativity and total life being one continual flow of your utmost inner joy…that’s where we are heading.

Giving is voluntary and it’s up to you if you feel moved to make a donation.

Putting What’s Real First

Beautiful, Practical Sustenance

Love Is Here

A Message on Perspective for These Times

Focused Attention Needed Now

More Light In, Moves The Dark Out

May We Have Meaningful Work & Living

Quantum Leap Using Only the Heart

A Message on Alchemy

Return to the Source

Ultimate Action (volume error-need ear buds)

Unity is Natural

Freedom or Comfort?

Expressing Authentically #2

Expressing Authentically

Introduction to the Watch Section